Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How does travel help children learn

Do children learn things when they travel?
More than you realise. The odd thing is that they may not learn the usual things we expect them to, but they learn a whole lot of other stuff that serves them well in life. Take you children on trips often - it helps them get an all round growth and development.

Schools arrange tours and these are for a good purpose. An educational institution understands child psychology more than a parent does. When your child's school send around notice stating that there is a school trip being organised - take it seriously, don't just look at the additional cost factor. Consider what a great advantage it will serve for your child's future. It is not just a pleasure trip with no significance as most parents feel.

A great place to look for school trips is at International School Tours. Even if your child's school does not arrange any excursion tours, you child can still have the advantage. South Asia Tour25 is an Indo-Thai organisation dedicated to providing safe and educational travel for school students. They take groups that comprise of students from many schools. The tour group size does not exceed 25 children per group. There can be multiple groups travelling simultaneously however. Check out the Facebook page for more information and contact details.

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